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Metropolis Lux Obscura [Preview]

2 April 21

This interactive game onto the Unity motor will let you know the story of a liberated prisoner. The new wind and atmosphere appear magical. He inhales them profoundly. The main character's name is Lockhart. You first have to visit a neighborhood pub. There you'll meet a duo old buddies. You begin a wonderful conversation. You want answers to your queries. Who put you up, wherever your gf is, and much more. Therefore, you have to regain your previous life. Discover clues and offenders to kill them. Meet quite and sexy nymphs to please your sexual appetite. Locate a buxom dame to get rough sex with her. After your entire rod craves a cock-squeezing feminine moist gash. Discover all of the dirty secrets of the town to pay tribute to this. Start playing immediately to see all of the secrets of this older world.

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