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My Catgirl Maid 3

27 March 21

Cynthia is not any standard maid and in fact she is not even from our planet - this lovely looking catgril has come from a different world to be able to learn more about human nature. And how can you explore human nature without studying one of it's basics such as love and hump? So it is possible to try to become very usefull for her in these aspects and share with her not only how you understand the relationship but also give her few practice lessons also! Yep, we are talking about instructing her how to give a oral and some other fun and kinky activities. Choose dialog choices, bring in love or enthusiasm factors and see how they will affect Cynthia's behaviour when it will come to having hump with her! Overall adorably done, superb looking and fun anime porn game for all lovely hairy aficionados out there!

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