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The Fate of Irnia 0.41(Updated)

2 April 21

This is an updated version of the fantasy game with strong manga porn elements titled as"The Fate of Irnia" so even in the event that you have played this game before and enjoyed it you might want to check it once again for some new additions (now it has more than six dozens of hookup scenes with various characters and this is definitley not the limit). The story begins in a village each twelve years of people which gets attacked by orcish tribes. The people here barely had energy enough to defend themselves yet never they might strike back... before your character comes to the stage. You are of legal age and allowed to open the mysterious box that your father has left you not long before his death. But will the conatnment of this box be enough to protect not only whats left of your family but the whole village? The reaction for this question you will have to detect by yourself.

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9➖2 multiрlу bу 6➖10 =

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