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Smack 18 [v 1.5]

29 November 22

In this game you will take the role of a schoolteacher. And if you walways wante dto be a schoolteacher in a class full of hot and wild chicks then this game is probably the closest thing to your fantasies. Just don't think that everyhting will go easy - these chicks are insane in all ways including their discipline. So keep your eyes open and watch your students closely. There will be some great chicks among them and it will be right to reward them. There will be chicks that will try to cheat on exams or try to sneak out and smoke a cigarette - this is the kind of behaviour that should be punished. Depending on your actions you will get or lose points. If you will do something that is not approved by the school rules you will be warned. If you will allow too many mistakes to happen you will be fired and won't see those sweeties again!

Sex to Death

30 November 22

The story with quiet creepy yet at the same time exciting title"Sex to death" will tell you abotu an ordinary guy named Tom. Well, at leats he wa sordinary until he foudn a magic book and tried one of ummoning spells from it... and this spell actually worked! Who might a young dude who cravings about having romp 24 hours a day to summon form the otehr wolrd? The answer is obvious - he called for succubus, a demon who feeds studs's energy through having romp with them. But what if Tom has foreseen such turn of events and has a plan on tricking this demon? Or may be this demon has seen lots of dudes like Tom and know all of his tricks already? Play this not very hard game and enjoy the story through well-made CG artstyle to see which one of our heroes will become the winner of this battle of perverted minds!

Astrid Training | TLB

30 November 22

An interactive 3D html 5 game which will take you into a spunky world jam-packed with violence and fucking, and simply the folks to blame for everything can triumph throughout their expertise. to search out additional, you will have to play the primary game. As for this specific game, it'll allow you to apprehend that the story of Astrid, an eleven-year-old lady who seems for sabas. Naturally, this might mean less gonzo and maybe even bdsm relationships throughout the tiniest hours of the night and day, however at an equivalent time she is going to be thinking additional concerning what's occurring round her and therefore the manners you would like to use to induce her to go away. Use your mouse, and what is flashy, to speak with this game. it is a blast togo on a visit, and make love immediately. Let's get the game started.