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There's a lot of Boss Sex Comics to choose from, even if I just stick to the fuckfest games with higher ratings. My choices are Top Rated, Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Dress-Up, and Cartoon. The Boss Sex Comics are the best and you know what? Are you really going to go through an hour of downloading and installation just to get your fap on? I know my dick doesn't have that kind of patience. I like that you can just jump in and start playing games, and because the games are small and simple, you can even have multiple games running at once. Sure, the Boss Sex Comics probably won't last you longer than a day, but unless you are a complete fucking degenerate, I doubt you'll be fapping for hours on end anyway. Another option for consuming adult content that has become increasingly popular among pornophiles around the world over the last few years or so is Boss Sex Comics. Stemming from the success of gaming services like Nutaku, more and more Boss Sex Comics sites seem to be cropping up every day.

Pulverize Town: My First Secretary

26 March 18

Another one story from Fucktown that prooves once again - the more succes you will achieve in life the more fuck-fest it will provide you with! So when you happened to take the leadership position in salary at your company you got not only the promotion but also the privelege to have your own secretary! Which means that now you will have to interview the candidates and decide which one of them will be more usefull at your office not only for the working moments but also for all those moments when you just want to relax in a certain way... As an additional gameplay bonus you are going to play the whole story from not only new chief's position but from the secretary's as well which definitely puts this game in a special place among all other games from Fucktown series.

Wish Job Season 2: Episode 3

12 April 18

Dream Job game series is back with episode 3 of second season! As it always happens with jobs you will have to go through interview first. Or again - depending how often did you have them in the past. But in this game interview won't be usual because how it can be a usual if it arranged by sexy blonde fairy that you mmeet at the hotel room? Well, actually the owner of the hotel is the one you have the interview today's morning. But with one condition - you will bring hot fucky-fucky fairy with you! But be carefull - just as it were a real job interview one wrong answer may end up with the boss' finger showing at the door! But say what your possible boss wants to hear and you will get a lot of benefits as a new employe... which includes a lot of fucking! Game uses video sequences with real erotic models.


12 April 18

First of all the main character of this interactive adventure is quite lucky man - not only he is succesful businessman at big company but also has a very big house and lovely wife... yet to clean up this big hous she might need some help from maid service. And here is where the"luck" comes from - not only your wife wants to have an experienced maid to work at your house she also wants her to be sexy looking for some reasons... Probably you have already guessed the main direction where this situation is going so barely there is any need to waste time on reaidng this description when you can get back to your big and fancy house and try to seduce new sexy maid you will find there! By the way intercourse scenes here are made in animated CG format (which is why it will take some time for the game to upload).

Working for Ominous

12 April 18

This is a story about Brandon - young and sexy enough guy who works as an assistant for quite bitchy boss lady Amanda who treats him pretty rough every day. Why is he keep working for her you might ask? Well, you will get the chance to understand his motives better after you will spend one day in his skin. And as you will see it won't be so bad because Brandodn seem sto be the only guy at this company office so any ladies attention - no matter is it good or bad - is his! But what he can do with that? Well, depends on what you as the player want to do with that! So explore the locations, have conversations with sexy ladies all around and get as many profits from such terrible job as you can but don't forget that this whole story got it's name -"Working for Evil" - for a reason...

Fuck Town: Audition Adele

17 April 18

This will be a story about the young (but not too much- she is of legal age) and beautiful (well, i fyoua r einto blondes at least) girl named Adele who is looking for a job. She has seen your advertisment on some of the websites andtoday she has decided to visit your office. So yeah, this time you will be playing as some kind of boss finally! Which means that it will be up to you to make the following job interview with Adele to pass as it should and since this whole story is happening in a wonderful place called Fucktown then words 'as it should' mean that you will fuck Adele real good at the end of this interview! All that you need to dofor it is to pick the proper phrases and actions and see where your decisons will lead you and Adele both. Good luck!

Business Excursion Adventure 2

1 May 18

If you remember how your business trip has been through the first part of this game then you probably won't be too disappointed that once again your boss is sending you somewhere where he doesn't want to go by himself. And the reason is obvious - no matter where and when you will go you know that there will be a lot of hot ladies in your way that you can try to seduce and even fuck! And according to the traditions of this not very long but still game series there will three sweet looking ladies for you in this business trip as well - one of them you will meet at the working office, the other one you can find at the bar when you decide to relax and the thrid one is going to accompany you during the flight! But how exactly you can secude them you will have to figure out by yourself...

Meet and fuck office romance

7 May 21

This game is about what quite relationship will arise between employees at work. That the native businessperson who loves fixing computers and taking part in games sits at work and gets bored. He needs to own hookup with Miss Pumkins, the head of technology. This can be a good looking and full-bosomed lady. The accountant begins to masturbate to imagine him fucking Miss Pumkins in her tight and juicy cunt. She conjointly licks her huge peaches and pink nipples. The phone suddenly rings. Decision Miss Pumkins. She's in huge hassle. The clerk rushes to the rescue. Upon getting into the workplace, the accountant learns concerning the matter. Thus you've got to assist the clerk to fuck the well-endowed miss. To do this, choose the proper dialog choices. If luck is on your facet, you'll pair with this curvaceous lady.

Family Reunion 8 (part 2): Final

7 May 18

This is second part of eighth episode of"Family reunion". The numeration may seem alittle bit tricky but you reall shoul pay attention to only one thing - it is final! So if you have played all the previous episodes then there is no way you will want to miss the eneding! This epsiode begins with a call from your Boss. She has spent quite a sum of company's money lately. And she has spended them for non other new funbags! And looks like you have the chance to become the first person to check the result... if you will choose right dialog options ofcourse! If your choice will be poor you won't see no tits! How this situation coordinates with agame series named"Family Reunion"? Well, look like you will have to find it out yourself! Just like before - hot models in this game are real!

First-ever Day at the Office

7 May 18

From this not very long animation you are going to figure out a lot of things that's are happening at the office of some big company. The whole situation will be shown as the main heroine - the new secretary - will be on her way to the boss' office yet all the kinky, naughty and sexy situations that she will witness here and there might change her intentions about working in this place completely... orthey will make her confidence even stronger - who knows! So if the theme of sexual relations at the office is something that entertains you enough then this animation is for you but honestly you should be just a fan of hentai to enjoy it! After all this is what this animation was created in the first place - to entertain all you hentai fans out there!

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

In this clearly hentai oriented game you will be in the position of the unemployed job seeker and during one of many job interviews you happened to fall in love with your possible future boss... which actually should not surprise you at all after you will see what a beautiful tits this boss - or we should say lady boss - has! So forget about getting the job and do anything to get this ultra-cutie's attention so you could please her in more personal ways... because lets be honest here - if you will handle this part of the interview good enough then your chances on getting the job at her office will be only increased! After that you are welcomed to visit our website where you can always find more office related interactive hentai entertainments!

Weekend with Bradleys

5 July 18

In this game you will get the opprtunity to spend this weekend with the Bradley family. And don't worry - it won;t be some silly story about family reunion because this game is from"Lesson of Passion" series which mean sthat the main point of the menu you will probably get in the bedroom... But lets meet our main characters first. So you will be playing as Danny who was working pretty hard and quiet productive latley so no wonde rthat his boss - Mr Bradley - has not only noticed the guy but also invited him to spend the weekend at his big and fancy mansion! And don't worry - besides you two there will be other guests such as Brooke (Mr Bradley's secretary) and Melissa (Mr Bradley's wife). So the question that you will have to think while having the dinner is just one - which one of teh beauties you want to fuck first?