Chris Griffin

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A Mother Joy

29 November 22

The situation that is going to take place in this parody comics can be described as 'Chris has growned up but he still wants to take a bath with Lois and when she is in a playfull mood she doesn't mind about taking a bath with him as well'. Clearly this together bathroom time will turn into together fucking time in no time! Warning: events can be shocking if your name is Stewie!

Family Guy

29 November 22

If you are interested in the topic of incest, then this porn comic is for you. So you will see Chris fucking a busty MILF named Lois Griffin. She loves young boys and hard dick inside her. Lois Griffin starts by sucking fat sausage and licking big balls. Chris then fucks Lois Griffin in her cunt making the MILFs scream in pleasure and pain. After that, Chris fills Lois Griffin's face with spermand they go to bed. Read the comic right now.

Family Pie 2

29 November 22

No matter what everyone says but sometiems being dumb comes with a whole pack of privileges and Chris Griffin from cartoon series "Family Guy" knows it like no one else - only he gets explained what a blowjob is from a several different ladies at the very same day! Ofcourse this explaining works better only with practical examples as Meg and Lois are already aware of...

Family Fellow

29 November 22

Black and white and almost noir comics which will bring you inside the dark fantasy about what could happen in the Griffin's house if Lois were just a little bit more slutty and Chris were alittle bit more confident in himself... and you don't actually have to be a fortuneteller - ofcourse they would fuck one night! But what has pushed them to do such thing and how did everything go you will know only after reading this hentai parody comics by yourself.

LOIS Y QUAGMIRE [Spanish] [Rewrite] [SEXVILLA]

29 November 22

What was impossible in the official storyline can easily happen in hentai parody comics! So if you thought that you will never see housewife Lois Griffin from "Family Guy" cartoon series as one slutty redhead milf then you have nothing to worry about- on the following pages she is going to fuck more than once and she will be doing it with different dudes ofcourse! Enjoy!

FAMILY Man (cris y meg)

29 November 22

Not looking the door to the bathroom when doing some private things in there may bring you into a lot of torubles... orinto a lot of funtime if this all is happening in a hentai parody comics like this oneright here! We don't want to spoil all the surprises but this story will be taking place at the Griffins' house and the main charactersthis time are Chris and Meg from "Family Guy"!

[Drawn-Sex] Family Guy

29 November 22

Young Meg came home very excited. At home, only Chris and Meg decided to have sex with him. She undresses and takes off her panties. Chris then starts fucking Meg in her tight and wet cunt. Meg cums and Chris continues to fuck her until he removes his cock from her vagina. Then he sits down next to Meg and their lips meet in a kiss. Read the comic to find out what happens next.

[loisgriffinaddict] Lois Indulges a Family Sole worship

29 November 22

Barely you would be surprised by the fact that Chris Griffin from popular cartoon series "Family Guy" is having a lot of sexual fetishesand one of them is foot fetish. Yet what could still surprise you is the person who is going to help him with not only supporting him but also with making this foot fetish of his to become true - this person is non other than... Lois Griffin!

[Drawn-Sex] Family Vid (Family Guy)

29 November 22

Once the Griffins got themselevs a new videocamera their evenings will never be the same again! And it is all because suddenly they all have revealed their talentsof... being a pornstar! Someone is more active, someone is more capable but one thing is certain - they all are having great time together! And now they the opportunity to remember these joyful moments when watching their homemade tape!

Family Man bondage

29 November 22

There won't be any dialogs in this comics and actually there is a solid reason for that - no one would tell about the things that are happening in the cabin for thai massage... and you can believe us that there will be happening quiet a lot! But if you still need to know all the kinky detailsthen simply join the Griffins during thier family vacation and see everything by yourself!

[Grigori] Family Guy: The Incest Episode

1 December 22

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