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Chapter 3 - Deep inside Mrs Wade

30 April 19

Dennis Mitchell was given the nickname 'manace' for a reason since he was alwayss getting into troubles because of his pranks over his neighbours. Now he has growned up and his attention was switched from his neighbors to their olderbut still hot looking wives... and if their hubbies knew what they are doing then probably they would prefer Dennis to play his old pranks instead!


30 April 19

There are situations when the actual menace is coming not from a person that everybody expects it from but from a completely opposit side - instead of Dennis it will be his mom Alice the reason of many troubles in the neighbourhood today! First she will easily seduce her old neighbor with a tiny bikini outfit andofcourse such act of adultery will not stay unnoticed - there will be certain consequences...

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

Having a bossy person in the office can be quite distracting sometimes andif this person also happens to be your actual bossand she also has a hot milf's body proprotions then it becomes completely unacceptable to create the working atmosphere... at least until you will have a good fucking with herso you could focus your attention on something else. Yet this is a hentai game so you can go even further - instead of just releasing the tension for a short period of timeyou can make your life in the office even more pleasing and more simple at the same time! How exactly? By mind contolling your boss obviously! And only this thing should already make you interested enough in putting away all the other things and start playing this game right now!