Dennis The Menace

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Chapter 3 - Deep inside Mrs Wade

29 November 22

Dennis Mitchell was given the nickname 'manace' for a reason since he was alwayss getting into troubles because of his pranks over his neighbours. Now he has growned up and his attention was switched from his neighbors to their olderbut still hot looking wives... and if their hubbies knew what they are doing then probably they would prefer Dennis to play his old pranks instead!


29 November 22

There are situations when the actual menace is coming not from a person that everybody expects it from but from a completely opposit side - instead of Dennis it will be his mom Alice the reason of many troubles in the neighbourhood today! First she will easily seduce her old neighbor with a tiny bikini outfit andofcourse such act of adultery will not stay unnoticed - there will be certain consequences...

Alice The Menace (Dennis the Menace) - 1

1 December 22

This short story will finally reveal a little bit of a background in the relations between the Mitchells family and their neighbors. As you know from the official series Dennis happens to do a lot of bad things to the poor old guy from the next dooryet somehow he always happens to stay away from any responsibilty. Clearly his hot mom Alice has something to do with that...