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30 April 19

Greetings to all fans of "Bleach" universe! From this comics we will finally find out is Orihime Inoue strong enough to handle two opponents at the very same time... but ofcourse it won't be just any ordinary sword fight - since this is a hentai parody comics so the kind of action that we are talking about is clearlya threesome! But we must say that it will still stay hardcore.

bleach - soul uniteit

30 April 19

Even the kimono themed outfit can't hide the amazing bodycurves of redhead Orihime Inouefrom "Bleach" serieswhich is in addition to her character brings us to one simple conclusion- if she is making an appearance in a hentai parody comics then there are extra high chances of that she will be othe one who gets fucked! And yes, this comics is not going to become an exception from this rule either!


30 April 19

How can a chick to get a guy's attention? Well, the set of big boobs and round ass would be quite handful but it is her coocking skills what really matters! At leats that's what Orihime Inoue from "Bleach" series was thinking before tonight. Yet even though her fist attempt has failed she should never forget that big boobs and nice meals can seduce not only male characters...

EroKosu Vol.20

30 April 19

In this issue of "Erotic Cosplay Freak" we have another one hottie from anime series "Bleach". She is Kurotsuchi Nemu and you may remember her as quite shy lady... yet everyhting is about to change here and nowbecause she will not only get herself a much shorter outfit but also a guy with a boner who will gladly remind her about how sexy and fuckableshe is! More comics from this series you can find on our website.

BLONDE: Deaths In Spa

30 April 19

We absolutely have no idea how this could happen but somehow young chief is taking a bath together with Rangiku Matsumoto and Orihime Inoue at the very same time! And remembering the fact that this comics is actually a hentai parody you probably already could say where exactly this whole situation will go. Plus couple more stories about the spa adventures of other hot chicks from "Bleach"!

Bleach ch

30 April 19

Could you ever believe that one day you will happen to witness Shihouin Yoruicchi going against Kurotsuchi Nemu!? And the best part of it is that they will not be fighting each other but they will be loving each other - that's right we have another one great hentai parody comics here! Plus some other characters will join their wet funtime but who will it be and whenwill it happen is a surprise.

Watashi Wa Kyozetsu Suru! Kamo

30 April 19

In order to set you into proper mood this hentai themed parody will begin with a small gallery of the hottest girls from anime series "Bleach" while the main star of the following comics part will be... acting shy but looking sexy Nemu Kurotsuchi! And we must warn you that the fucking that she is going to recieve will be intense, rough and even quite hardcore sometimes! Enjoy!