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Dawn Refresh (Pokémon) [English] [GAP Translations]

13 July 21

This isn't the first parody of hentai comcis that you've seen. You'll be amazed at how the most cute and shy girls get the most fucked. Dawn, from "Pokemon", is clearly not an exception to this rule. Perhaps this time, she might have bigger tits and this fat dude may be a factor in the matter...

Dawn Book [English] [GAP Translations]

13 July 21

Dawn's adventures will take on a whole new level of thrills. It is because of one simple fact: her tits have grown larger and she can now have lots of sex anywhere and at any time. Although the choice of comic partner is a bit odd, you can see how sexy Dawn is while getting fucked.

[0Lightsource] Nightmares Dreamland

13 July 21

You will find hentai parody in comic form that features beautiful characters, many sex scenes from different positions and some funny moments. You won't be disappointed if you like additional material. The comic is dedicated to Pkemon Universe, but the characters featured here aren't among the most popular or well-known. This gives true fans another reason to read it.

[AnewENFArtist] Strip Battle (Pokémon)

17 July 21

This is a fantasm about how pokemon tournamets might get more interesting and more popular. The only thing that should be changed to the standard rules is the trainer striptease elements! If one trainer loses points, she also loses some of her clothes. Wouldn't it be fun to see a battle between pokemon in this mode? We thought so too!

Mei-chan Fuuzoku Manga | Rosa-chan Brothel Manga

25 July 21

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[Nikkibunn] Special Services

29 July 21

You'll see that some pokemons are more useful than just fighting and participating in tournaments. This cutie will be trying her hand at being maid. Although she is beautiful in her maid's uniform, her furry nature will take over. When she has the chance to have a sex with other pokemon, she will forget all about cleaning up. You can read the comics to figure everything out for yourself.

(mbhen114/Spelltheknight ) Mallow comic (Pokemon)

1 August 21

Mallow is a pokemon trainer, but she seems to still have a lot to master. The number one thing is "how not to get into the perverted hands pokemon" and "how to avoid being used by him as a living fucktoy". She will have to learn how to avoid these situations before she can get out of them. This is why this parody comics exists.

Gloria Used Tail Whip! (Pokémon Sword and Shield)

2 August 21

You are a cute, but still very busy female pokemon trainer that wears a sport uniform. This hentai parody comic starring Gloria will be a hit! Reminiscing about the times she had with her friends will soon lead to new memories. These memories will include great stories about having sex and a lot of teasing.

A wild Hypno appeared! (Pokemon) [English][NamaGaku]

2 August 21

Rosa has a very charming face, but there's at least one other part to her that helps her get attention from the pocket monsters. This is her amazing boobs! We did indeed mean pocket monsters but we meant large and strong cocks. This is a short, intense hentai parody if you haven't guessed. Start the training!

The Mystic Pokemon – WitchKing00 - english

6 August 21

Hilda, a pokemon trainer, isn't looking for many things. Getting a larger boob and a rounder booty is certainly one of her goals. You can see how happy Hilda was to discover that there is a magical location where all her dreams will come true. But, will she be happy when they are?

[RichDraw] Gardevoir Peculiar Behavior (Pokemon)

24 August 21

This parody comics temale pomon Gardevoir will look quite different to the original anime version. However, if you love big boobs or huge booties, all these changes will only be good for you. She will show off her beautiful curves and there will be plenty of intense sex between Gardevoir, even though it will only be a couple of pages.

[Luxuriass] Hex Trainer Mini Comic (Pokémon)

5 September 21

Hex Maniac is an Hex Maniac, a Hex Maniac of Pokemon. She is a lover of big tits, nudity and rough sex. She is also a fan of wild and wild sex.

Kakutou Shoujo wa Oshiri ga Yowai (Pokémon Sword and Shield)

15 September 21

Bea might pretend to be tough and independent, but we all know that this anime cutie will have sex every time she has an ovulation. As you probably guessed, this is the final part of her adventures. Can you think of a better way to celebrate another victory?

Alo Alo Furo (Pokémon Black and White) [English]

20 September 21

This crazy hentai compcis is not for fans of pokemon universe, but for those who love giant and large tits. Skyla, a redhead trainer for pokemons, will be the owner of these giant tits. But, she'll train a slightly different type of pocket monster tonight. You can find more fun with Skyla on our site.

[Beaver Bastard] - Pokemaster - [Pokémon]

24 September 21

Hilda should have thought twice about taking on the next deal in tournaments for pokemon. Why? Because she'll lose, then the winner gets to have as many flings with her as he likes. Hilda's loss is only a matter time, since this is a parody of hentai. What is the story behind how Nurse Joy become involved in this? You can find the answers in the comics.

Haruka Bon | May Book (Pokémon) [English]

25 September 21

This hentai parody comics will feature May, a cute-looking pokemon trainer who is busier than you may remember. It will focus on hardcore sex scenes as well as nudity more than story. If you don't like Pokemon Universe, you can still enjoy the comics. English version.

[Haguruman (Koutarosu)] Leaf no Hon (Pokemon) [English]

30 September 21

The big, heavy tits and the short dress that barely covers her panty are the hallmarks of this pokemon trainer hottie. Misty the Flatty, it's time to step aside! A new pokemon chick is arriving in the hearts of pokemon fans today!

Alola Saimin Tour (Pokémon) [English]

16 October 21

There are many sexy pokemon trainers out there. However, they do have sexy sexes. This comcis parody is a parody of hentai. You should already know what kind of funtime this is.

I Ordered a Prostitute And Cynthia Showed Up (Pokémon)

17 October 21

Blondes with large tits and slutty behavior always grab attention, even in the anime world of the pokemons. This parody comic of hentai will prove this fact again. Cynthia, a blonde with big tits who loves to seduce men only to test their sexual stamina, will be the main heroine tonight.

[RookieBear] Go, Lopunny, Go!

25 October 21

A bunny furry is more sexually attractive, more fuckable, and ofocurse hornier than anyone. You can bet that this cute bunny is also one of the most popular pokemons, Lopunny. There will be lots of action! Even though it only takes just four pages, this parody comics of hentai can easily be one of your favorites!

[lightsource] Ghost Hunt (Pokemon)

29 October 21

The title Ghost Hunt could make a great Halloween story, but you don't need to wait so long. You can watch a hot cartoon girl get fucked and creampied at any timeof year. You don't need to be an avid Pokemon Universe fan or be fluent in foreign languages, as there will not be any text or dialogues.

[Locofuria] Glaceons Mysterious Power (Pokemon)

1 November 21

Barely May didn't expect that this day ended in such a dramatic way, especially as it began like every other day. It all turned out to be a series of bizarre events and she's now flinging with the sexy pokemons of her own designs. We may have spoilt a bit too much. If you're interested in more details, then check out this parody comic by Hentai!

[BurgersNShakes] Marnie Training Hard (Pokemon)

2 November 21

Sweet lips, wet and tight pussy and perky tits – the description for a petite slut is actually regarding one of the newest additions to the lineup. Her quick rise to fame made her a fan favorite and you may know her as Marnie! The hottie who has half-shaved locks! As you can see, it's a lot of fun to have a teen slut with a punk style!

[Lucyfer-comic] Saraiah Milk

23 November 21

This comic will show you another useful trait of female pokemons: if a female pokemon has large and round boobies, she can definitely be milked! We didn't think of that before! It is likely that pokemons look so much more sexy as they are in hentai parody comics.