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Dickboy (1.3)

7 May 21

Interactive on-line game. If you thought Robin did not have abundant of an opportunity that the excited youthfull stud from his mansion might utilize, then this parody game will assist you implement some ideas obviously - whereas tender patrols the town and fights misdemeanors, male individual careening round the bat cave, and certainly will a couple of different worthless things... till he eventually misses the option to possess fun with Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy! However does one assume our person might reply to such a call for participation from a gaggle additionally referred to as the GothamSirens? After all, he will reaction"yes"! And what they'll do next, you're going to be able to see here and now! Within the finish, Robin acquired his principal role, and he was double talented this most significant role within the hentai-parody on-line game!

BadmanBastich [ Gotham Nights] (Ongoing)

30 April 19

Naturally being all in love with nature. Poison Ivy is almost all in things that are causing a ruckus. Here and there. But what is the case if there is a "growing thing" isn't a plant or tree, but rather the large boner that is in Robin's pants? Since this isn't just any comic but a hentai-themed parody comic, it is clear that this is the perfect choice and this "grwoing thing" will receive some serious affection from Poison Ivy, for sure!

Culture Shock

30 April 19

Starfire has arrived on our planet in the last few days, so she isstill learning the ways that humans interact with each with each other. As she is going to discover tonight often, people engage in actions opposite to fighting. They are just fucking! Also, her best friends Raven and Robin will do whatever is needed to explain this part of life for her...

Second Opportunity Extended

30 April 19

The integration of previously-bad Blackfire into the team of Teen Titans is about to begin... but not if you'd expect it to happen in this manner - and with lots of hard sex and lasbian time! Perhaps If Blackfire was aware that things would be going this way, she would have changed her side a while in the past! Perhaps she's not swicthing any sides? Sex and intrigue are on the way!

Trigon Dark Desires

30 April 19

While Cyborg, Robin and Beastboy are busy with their latest training session, things that are more exciting will occur all over the place - the the evil demon Trigon will destroy the group of Teen Titans by destroying their command spirititself! How? He will make male members sexually sexy (even more hornier than normal) and then have them be afuck Strafire, Raven and Terra! But will it be enough?

3 way

30 April 19

There aren't any text or dialogue in this comic and it's unlikely to find any since the plot is straightforward and will not distract you from the exciting adventures of Raven, Starfire and Robin in the Titans Tower at night. What do a bunch of superheroes in their teens do during night? They're scurrying around like rabbits in all the possible waysofcourse! Who is required to read text or dialogues?

Bunny teen titans

30 April 19

Tonight, you will enjoy an amazing show, and the fact that it is presented by the insane mind of supervillain Mambo is actually a guarantee that there will be a lot of sexy and sexually kinky moments to be had. The main actors in this show will be a few of the Teen Titans members who, having been subdued by Mambo will be able to smack each other really well on stage!

Nico Robin W.I.P

22 March 18

Nico Robin - big-chested dark haired pirate chick from anime series"One Piece" - seems ultimately found what she was looking for... and this one thing is a XXL and hard weenie! She has never seen such big spunk-pumps ahead and for the first-ever few seconds she is confused on what she can do with it... But as you will see she will get herself together and operate it up first-ever with her tongue and then with her mouth. Probably there will be some additional animations afterwards but this time author decided to stop about the sucky-sucky part of this wonderful hump scene only. May be that is why the game is marked as WIP. Here you won't find any gameplay - just hentao parody animation. But if you are seeking more interactive funtime with Nico Robin you undoubtedly will locate it on our webiste!