Royal Sex Comics

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Castle Murmurs

21 May 21

The year is 1360 so if you don't mind to play erotic game in medieval setting this game will do just fine for you. The place where all the events will be taking place is also quite promising - England. Here a royal ostler Gregory is in love with beautiful Geraldine and even planning to make her his wife soon... if some other guy won;t do it first because Geraldine is a true hotty and according to the time and place lovelies here pretty rare but to know ho wthe story will go furtehr you will have to play this game yourself (and don't forget to check"how to play" tutorial if you are playing games form this studio first time so you could know the basic rules of interactions). Also remeber the word MONK which you can type in in case you got stucked and need a hint on what to do next.

Mind Control Your Chief

4 June 18

Even though this game is titled"Mind Control Your Boss" technically this short haired lady in classy outfit who sits behind the big desk in the main office is not yet your boss and you are here only for the job interview today. Answer her questions by choosing one of trhee different options and try to impress her enough so she would hire you and you could explore the office in search for new friends, co-workers... and what is more important for new hot ladies who you can seduce and fuck later! The ultimate goal is obvious - you have to fuck the boss lady. Ofcourse you will have to do some office working for a little bit so pay attention to your duties while waiting for an opportunity to find out why this game is on the hentai themed website after all.