The Legend Of Zelda Sex Comics

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The Vet of Zelda Hentai Quest

14 May 18

"The Legend of Zelda - Hentai Quest" is actually more of a hentai rather than an actual quest, so if you're not interested in adventure and fun, however you are interested in sexual sex with a hot eleven princesses, then you may like this little interactive parody much more than the official games! The game's gameplay is easy and all you need to do is select one of the available sexual positions and actions, and then you are ready to take on the cumshot ending. One of Princess Zelda's most loved activities is blowing you up and getting fucked in a doggy-style, and then riding on the top of your cock as you can see, this Elven princess can take care of a man's cock no more than any professional hooker from the Hyrule Kingdom!


30 April 19

Zelda embarked on a trip to aid the peasants in fighting against the monster. The monster eats crops and robs young girls. At night, Zelda hid near the barn and waited. A monster appears. It's a hybrid between a tentacle and an herb. Zelda is able to escape the ambushbut the monster is surprisingly quick to hit Zelda with tentacles before knocking her down. Then the monster takes Zelda and she is buried in his stomach. Her clothes are beginning to fall apart... Take your time and enjoy what's to come.


30 April 19

Linkle (the female version of hero Link from "The Legend of Zelda") is trying to stop the King of Evil one and for all... But she should have spent more time gaining experience points and advancing her game since this game goes down quickly. With the tearing of clothes and sexual dominance, there are some disgusting hentai items with the fantasy characters involved.

Wind Waker

30 April 19

"Wind Waker" is a rooky adventure that will take a less experienced Link through a variety of scenarios and basically transform his character into one that we all recognize and love in the present. However, it's important to note that these stories are likely to be filled with sexual scenes, and it can be very helpful for those who are familiar with the official story and characters of "The Legend of Zelda" series.

Bad Zelda

30 April 19

Like in many other videogames that are part of this series, courageous Link will encounter a variety of characters in his quests for Princess Zelda... however, in our versionhe is going to be handling the characters in more exciting manner - he will be taking on every hot girl are his only choice! Small tits or big boobs oral sex, or anal sex, inside or out in the open - there's any challenge Link will not take on!