Wilma Flintstone Sex Comics

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2 April 21

The children have grown to maturity, while their moms remain as hot as you remember them from the cartoon TV show, so it's is only a matter of time when the families of the Flintstoens and the Rubbles will be able to experience the new ways to exchange information with their neighbors! The prehistoric swinging sex of the past have never been so vibrant and exciting as in this comic parody!

Funkstone Second part

2 April 21

Prehistoric era. Fred Flintstone violated the peace and was incarcerated. His wife decides to pardon her husbandand goes to the sheriff's office in the town. She meets with Betty and they begin arguing about morality, while the sheriff is sexy with the two beautiful women. He asks them to make an agreement and If they agree, then Fred will be released. What's the deal? Let's get this comic in color and discover today.