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4 Better or For Worse

29 November 22

Amy Wong and Philip Leela went to a tropical island over the weekend. They are having fun, and then they meet local natives. The leader of the tribe isn't happy with the impudent behavior displayed by strangers and is willing to order the eating of the captives. To escape, our friends will need to find a way to allow the leader be cheered up andto satisfy the guards. Take a look at the comic.

[Ganassa] Alderaan Bonus Quest (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

30 November 22

Alderaan's explorer met with a representative of the local race humanoids. The alien was able to control the girl's mind and she couldn't resist. The stranger started to seduce her with her round, tight musculature. He told her to become his mistress after he was done. The stranger told her that she had a boyfriend and that if she didn't agree, he would murder her. She finally agreed.

[Studio-Pirrate] Back to the Rancors (Star Wars)

30 November 22

The Rancor tribe captured Princess Layla. These mindless creatures have one goal: to reproduce. Today they will fuck Layla in order to get pregnant. Then they will create a human incubator from the princess. Layla was ripped by a couple of Rancors. Wow. The princess is king of sweet peaches and pink nipples. This is very cool. The Rancors then start to fuck Princess with huge meat sausages, ripping her stomach into two pieces. Enjoy.

[Studio-Pirrate] The Quarian Set (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

Space exploration has come with many difficulties. The local leader captured one of Sheppard's girls. This is one tough subject. He began to fiss the girl in her hot groins and pinky thighs. She began to scream in pain, but the fuck did not stop. He raped her until she fell asleep. He did not stop there. The girl realized that she was a local prostitute when she came to her senses. All the men in the tribe fucked her, and they made a girl out of her.

[MONSTER TRIBE (Nukuo)] VIOLATE A SANCTUARY 2 (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [XG] [Digital]

1 December 22

[MONSTER TRIBE (Nukuo)] VIOLATE A SANCTUARY 2 (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [XG] [Digital] blowjob stockings english translated sole male sole female big breasts mind control paizuri multi-work series inverted nipples bb fate grand order gudao | ritsuka fujimaru monster tribe nukuo Fate Stay night