Commander Shepard Sex Comics

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[HZR] Ass Effect

29 November 22

This hentai parody is based on popular videogame series "Mass effect" and it is not going to have any texts or dialogs yet barely there is any actual need in them - the whole story will be focused on sexy asari Liarabuilding strong connection with her commanders using the very special option of her omnitoolwhich is... turning it into big and orange glowing strapon dildo!

[candylady] Tali x Shepard (Mass Effect)

29 November 22

If you were romancing Tali during your playthrough of "Mass Effect" videogame series then you already know that sex scenes with her and Commander Shepard were not proprely shown in teh game. Yet this situation can be easily fixed thanks to hentai parodygenre in which Tali and Shepard are fucking quite often and quite a lot. And yes, this comics will be all about it as well!

The Renegade Life 2

29 November 22

Since Commander Shepard can go paragon sometimes in this parody comics the story will stay focused on a complete renegade - meet infamous Jack aka Subject Zero! And once you will start reading it you will understand that she is the perfect candidate for hentai parody comics since she is ready and willing to fuck any time and any place... no matter will her actions affect the missionor not!

Mass Effect 2

29 November 22

While Commander Shepard is busy with one mission Tali goes on a mission of her own... but who could only know that both of these mission will end up with someone getting fucked up their tight buttholes! And before you will start to worry about Shepard we can assure you - his companions Jack and Liara will take a proper care of him. Yet as for Tali then you can start worrying about hers...

The Illusive Man's Vengeance

29 November 22

This parody comics is an alternative version of "Mass Effect" series' finale accroding to which the Illusive Man have stopped the Reapers... and as some sort of personal rewardhe has turn the female part of Normany's crew into sexslaves for his own amusement! So watch your favorite videogame chicks will get roughly fucked in all of their holeswith a lot of galactic cocks!

Renegade Shepard

29 November 22

It seems that each and every asari has to try herself in the role of a slut and this new character is not going to be of any excepetion... well, except for one fact - she will happen to meet some of the most sexy and most active members of Commander Shepard's crew! So if you have always wanted to see how Miranda or Ashley will go lesbian with some sexy asarian chick then this is your chance!

Fornax Vol2 (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

Fornax Vol2 (Mass Effect) tentacles english western imageset shia ganassa | alessandro mazzetti mass effect commander shepard talizorah nar rayya alien girl liara tsoni miranda lawson nesoun ultamisia kelly chambers dtenshi fuckit | xla jace kaihlan liquidshadow villainous muse Mass effect

Mass Effect: FORNAX - The galaxy finest xenophilia [(M)ass E(ff)rect]

30 November 22

Are you the adult fan of "Mass effect"? Then we have a huge surprise for you which is the opportunity to flip the pages of themost popular magzine for adults "Fornax"! Get ready to reveal the most sexy chicks in the galaxy starting with quite obvious bunh of slutty asarian whores and ending with exotic representations of female drells (the race that Thane Krios belongs to)!

[ReginaPrimata] First Contact (Mass Effect) (Portuguese-BR) lobozero

30 November 22

Cleraly this parody comics is first of all for those fans of "Mass Effect" who was playing as female commander Sheppard and who has romanced Garrus because pretty much all what this comics will do is tell and show more kinky details about the timethat this happy couple were spending in the commander's cabin inbetween the missions of saving the galaxy. Portuguese version.

[Glassfish] Unexpected Encounter (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

[Glassfish] Unexpected Encounter (Mass Effect) anal group pregnant english big breasts ffm threesome full color dark skin freckles scar lizard guy comic alien mass effect commander shepard alien girl liara tsoni urdnot wrex glassfish Mass effect

[Stickymon] Mass Erect 2 (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

Really short (only two pagesin total!) comics which nonethelss can bring out all the passion and roughness that Commander Shepard and Justicar Samara could have if there were any possibilty to turn FemShep into always horny futanari that gets crazy about fucking. Well, at least it is posisble in hentai parodies and this comics will proove this simple fact once again.

[Genex] The Forbidden Choice (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

[Genex] The Forbidden Choice (Mass Effect) english bald mind control mass effect commander shepard talizorah nar rayya alien girl samara jack miranda lawson genex Mass effect

[Genex] Miranda Lawson - Seduction, Betrayal... and Dat Ass (Mass Effect)

30 November 22

[Genex] Miranda Lawson - Seduction, Betrayal... and Dat Ass (Mass Effect) latex english bodysuit full color thigh high boots comic mass effect commander shepard miranda lawson genex Mass effect

[Genex] Запретный Выбор (Mass Effect) [Russian] [876yun]

30 November 22

If you have been playing any game from "Mass Effect" trilogythen you probably know how hard it is to choose only one character to build romantic relations with. Luckily enough when it comes to hentai parodies such limitation simply doesn't work so it doesn't actually matter would you like to fuck Jack, Tali, Miranda or Samara morebecause here you can have kinky funtime with all of them!

[Stickymon] Mass Erect 2 (Mass Effect) [Russian] [876yun]

30 November 22

[Stickymon] Mass Erect 2 (Mass Effect) [Russian] [876yun] futanari translated sole female full color russian sole dickgirl comic mass effect commander shepard alien girl samara stickymon Mass effect

[Fred Perry] dat ASS Effect (Mass Effect) [Ongoing]

30 November 22

[Fred Perry] dat ASS Effect (Mass Effect) [Ongoing] stockings english sole male sole female bodysuit big penis full color muscle comic fred perry shaved head mass effect commander shepard talizorah nar rayya alien girl gasmask Mass effect

Dat Ass Effect

30 November 22

You have waited through three games to see how does Tali look without her protective full bodysuit yet you didn't seen anything? Luckily enough for such "Mass Effect" fans there is a hentai parody genre exists so here and now you will see finally see not only Tali undressing but also whatkind of exciting sexual experience can a sweet quarrian chick to share with Commander Shepard!