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EroCos Wish Extra

29 November 22

Dark skin, blue swimsuit and incredibly sexy looking bodycurves- this is what we can say aboutthe appearance of Shihouin Yoruichi from "Bleach" in this parody comics! And we are clealry not the only ones who have noticed that - this lucky dude seems to meet our hottie in the perfect moment to have sex with her! Just a little bit of talking and here he comes... and again and again!

CARNAVAL!! [Kesshoku Mikan] [Resident Evil]

29 November 22

This parody comics is very short and very simple so you should not expect for any tricky stories or deep characters revealings from this one. But what you can expect is one sex scene starring gorgeous Claire Redfield from the world famous videogame series "Resident Evil"! So clearly you already understand that you really have to check this one right here and right now!

Avatar - Between the scenes

1 December 22

Katara seduced her brother named Sokka and had sex with him in the morning. Katara completely naked sat on a fat dick and started jumping on it and moaning with pleasure. Then Sokka wanted to piss and he knelt down in front of herso that she let him down on his face and he could piss in her mouth. Then Sokka put Katara in cancerand fucked her in her pussy, and then finished on her chest. Enjoy comics.