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Favourite Supermarket On The Citadel

29 November 22

Following the recommendation from a barve hero and an example of a spectre agent Commander Shepard about his favoirte stores on the Citadel one naive asarian chick has picked herself a very special present... and getting a little bit forward she won't be disappointed! The only tricky part here is that she was looking for a sextoyand that leaves some questions about Commander's personal preferatons.

Yoruneko Style

29 November 22

The outfit that gorgeous Shihouin Yoruichifrom "Bleach" has picked for today's training session looks way too sexy so there is absolutely no wonder that her sparring partner Kisuke Urahara has done everything he could in order to trick into having much more funinstead of trianing. And since this is a hentai parody comics we barely need to tell you that he has succeded!

Dekajiri JK Ayanami no Gokkun Paradise

29 November 22

It may be hard to recognize Rei Ayanami from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" in this parody comcis because in our version she is not some slim and shy gal but busty and curvy sex-machine who can milk each and every cock that she will meet... and this is pretty much everything that she will be doing throughout the story. Plus since this comics ismade in full colorit will also make a little bit more happy all the fans of tanlinesamong you.

SMP0.5 [Unini-gumi] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

29 November 22

Did you ever imagined such popular aniem hotties as Asuka Langley, Mistao Katsuragi or Rei Ayanami as your own personal sexy slavegirls? Well, this parody comics will definitely help you to make your dreams even more fun and more colorful because here you will see all these chicks in the position of a living fucktoy for an unknown stranger! Enjoy this and imagine more!

Soul Impact 3 [Bakuretsu Fusen] [Soul Calibur]

30 November 22

May be this will be against the usual rules but since this is a hentai parody then barely you will be minding against the fact thatthis timethere will be not one on one encounter but the threesomefun instead! And not just encounter - the lesbian fosuced encounetr! Plus the ladies that will be performing for you today arewell knwon to each and every fan of "Soul Calibur" series!

[Palcomix] Teaching Days

30 November 22

"Teaching Days" is not just another one hentai comics parodybut it is a huge mix of many and many various heroines ftom many and many various anime and videogames universes! From Bayonetta to Team R Jessie and from Starfire to Motoko Kusanagi- that's just a few of them! And ofcourse it may easily become your favorite comics if you are into such themes as lesbian sex and female domination!

Re-Paradise - Ep.5 Tourmaline Voliber (League of Legends)

1 December 22

Big, muscled and... furry! In this part of the story you are going to witness the encounter which you will enjoy only if you enjoy all of these three mentioned atributes of hentai parody comics. And how else it could be if the main character this time is one giant bear Veigar from world famous "League of Legend"? Playing with sextoys and a little bit of voyeurism is included.