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Jungle Soiree (Jungle de Ikou!) [Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)]

29 November 22

For Naruto Even a single day at the beach could provide more adventure than he ever imagined. The story begins with Lady Tsunade who is wearing an unflattering swimsuit than she ought to because of her body curves. Are Naruto planning to attempt an sexy move on her? Or will Sakura be kicking his arse earlier? Read this comic to discover!

Switch of heart

29 November 22

Simple interactions on the streets can trigger memories. This is where Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruna are caught in the trap of romantic feelings once again. However, this time they're more mature - they'll have lots of fun together with no strings tied to it. It is concluded that Sasuke has nothing to be concerned about, at least until he stops reading comics.

Hinata (Naruto) [Color] (jap)

29 November 22

The parody manga is fun and colorful one that can help Hinata to understand her sexuality. It also allows Hinata to reveal to her boyfriend Naruto what she is. The dialogues are written in japanese however, you'll still be able to take pleasure in them even if you're not proficient in the language.


29 November 22

Naruto, Sakura and their friends are having sex at the house. They invite the girl to join them for a group sex session. The girl agrees and after removing her clothes, jumps on the bed. Naruto starts to fiss with the gorgeous girls in their sexy tights. Sakura arrives afterward. Sakura is then suckers and licks her friend's balls and her cock. Then he sucks her cock. They are having a difficult to get fucked. They then put on their female friends' bodies.

Tsunade and Naruto comics

29 November 22

We all know that Naruto Uzumaki has an intimate relationship with Lady Tsunade. But the relationship could only be found behind Tusnade's locked doors. Then, they can be able to escape. Did we mention it is a parody comics of the hentai?

The Girly Witness

29 November 22

Tonight, a bunch of hot and fun ladies from "Ovewratch", Vidoegame will be hosting an overnight event. To ensure it's successful, there should be entertainment and food. While this pizza delivery guy is able to provide the two, our girls are always eager to know the location of D.Va is.?

Favourite Supermarket On The Citadel

29 November 22

A barve hero suggested to buy a present to the Commander Shepard. The man also provided an example of agent known as a spectre. It's a little tricky as she was looking for an sextoy. This raises the question of what Commander's personal tastes are.

Double Lucy

29 November 22

To be a fan of sweet Lucy Heartfillia, do not have to be a huge fan of the anime show "Fairy Tail". There's more to Lucy than just a bust. What is it? It's two busty Lucies The answer is simple! What's more amazing than two Lucies! There's only three Lucies you're right! Here's where you'll be both enthralled and excited and start reading this hilarious hentai comic!

[Aji Yuga Mitsukarimasen] Futanalink III (Fairy Tail)

29 November 22

The gorgeous blonde girl has large strong, powerful tits. She hides it under her beautiful skirts however, when she comes across an attractive brunette, all that concealing is useless. The boner this gorgeous girl gave the blonde character is huge! The blonde futanari in question is Lucy from the "Fairy Tail Series"!

[Chanbara! (Kimuraya Idumi)] Outside Soushuuhen 01-10 (Various)

29 November 22

There's a mix of short stories linked by a simple concept that if you happen to be in the right spot at the right time there will be someone to have fun with. The short stories will include characters from the popular anime series However, there's one catch that all dialogues and text will be written in Japanese.

Comic-Toons - Nubile Titans

29 November 22

Everything was going smoothly in the Titan Tower, everyone was having fun and having fun with everyone. Then something surprising occurred! Kim Possible is a well-known spygirl from a different universe is the guest. She quickly understands the workings of this place and is a part of the hero's celebration!

The Blame Game

29 November 22

It appears that the attempt to misison the Teen Titans was not a full success, so expect some tensions at Tower tonight. The guys love loud arguments however, the girls decide to find a different way to deal with their issues. It's unclear how this is done however the possibility that there'll be a lot of spankings will surely create a lot of excitement.

Teenie Titans

29 November 22

Terra is a gorgeous blonde member of the Teen Titans Team, finds Beastboy's ability to change his appearance to be entertaining, but also extremely practical. What's the secret behind this? It's due to the fact that, as you'll notice in this comic parody Terra's sexual needs are extremely specific, and Beastboy will only be able to satisfy her desires. Beastboy will try to do his best.

bleach - soul uniteit

29 November 22

The kimono-inspired outfit is not able to hide the amazing body contours of Orihime inoue who is a redhead in the movie "Bleach". The above leads us to a simple conclusion: if she is in a comic parody about the hentai, it is likely that she'll be fucked! The comics are not the exception to this rule!

Im Screaming LOVE!

29 November 22

Ichigo Kurosagi couldn't comprehend why Renji Abarai was happy on this day of calm. We're sure He has all the answers. He's created the gigai, a synthetic body that permits Shinigami to communicate with Humans and stay within the Human World. A gigai female is now available!

Eureka heaven

29 November 22

Eureka is always ready to assist her friends regardless of what their needs are. Renton arrives with a request for help to beocme as a man, and Eureka is more than willing to help! There are some sexually sexy funny, humorous, and bizarre moments, but this book is filled with love and hentai! This kind of romance isn't suitable for all.

Dragon Ball and Winx Club

29 November 22

It appears that the main motive behind Vegta's and Goku's battle isn't about fate of the two or regaining the power of Goku. It's more about the fact that one of them was able to take on Bulma and Goku is about to kick him in the arse! The fight will help them resolve their differences and discover the pieces that make up. What are the Winx Club girls have to do? This comic parody will give the answer!

Ed, Edd, Eddy & WinxClub

29 November 22

A bunch of fun guys will be visiting the group along with gorgeous girls. It sounds like a typical scenario for a hentai crossover however, you'll soon discover who they really are. Edd, Edd, and Eddy will be hosting an amazing party tonight with the main cast of Winx Club. Fun and magic are the two best aspects of any sexual orgy!

WinXmas party

29 November 22

Even the busiest girls who have dark and sinister magic should throw an event during this time of the year. You'll discover that they aren't as adorable and sweet. They will pounce on anyone who pretends to be Santa Claus. Are you sure he's lying?

Kame-Sennins Ambition III

29 November 22

He might be an old-fashioned pervert, however, he's still extremely capable. Todya will show it time by trying to charm not one, but three ladies (! Hot beach girls! If this isn't exciting enough, then be aware that these characters come from the cult animated series "Dragon ball Z" One of them is a Mermaid!

Dangan Ball Vol. 1 Nishi no Miyako no Harenchi Jiken

29 November 22

What happens when a grandpa encounters a beautiful young lady in a store? Most likely, he will decide to meet the girl a bit better. The grandpa convinces the blonde to come with him to the back room, and then begins to sexually assault the girl. He takes off the girl's T-shirt and then kisses her the nipples. He then requests blow-dry. The girl accepts the offer. the girl. She grabs her kiss and rubs him. He informs her, once the conversation is over about how he would like her to have a good time. He has an idea. Grandpa will tie her up and place anal balls inside her stomach. Then, he puts her in a cowgirl stance on his cock. It happens in the kitchen, the back room, and generally wherever the grandmother or girl would like.