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29 November 22

The most tough part of Erza Scarlet's adventure path can be revealed only in a form of hentai parody since it will be about our brave and beautiful warrior girl becoming the sexy plaything for a bunch of ugly perverts! And if this is not enoughthey will make her to dress up in different slutty outfits every time before fucking her such as school uniform, bikini swimsuit and playboy bunny!

Pixie Slave

29 November 22

Was it either someone's trick or Erza Scarlett's own miscalculation but her further fate is not going to be as heroic as she was hoping for because from now on she will become the personal plaything for a bunch of old ugly perverts! So you can expect for a lot of hard and rough fucking ahead (but at least Erza will be given a new sexy looking outfit before each new session).

SILENT SEA vol.2 [Youkai Tamanokoshi] [One Piece]

29 November 22

Looks like Nami is not only ready to continue her journey alongside Luffy and his crew but she is also ready to bring even more excitement into their future adventures... and yes, by 'more excitement'we obviously mean that she wants to fuck with him from now on! Ofcourse this is not an official storyline but just a hentai parody but this course of events still seems quite nice.

Ponchi Giga

29 November 22

Black and white sex comic from the Digimon serieswhere you will again see some sex stories that happened in this furry world. For example, how the main character of the comic fell into the clutches of some strange creature. The creature clearly has a desire to mate with a busty fur beautyand makes every effort for this. Watch how the creature begins to seduce the juicy beauty by tearing off her clothes and touching the juicy watermelons.. Do it.


29 November 22

A brutal dude met a busty fit beauty. They met at his house to have sex. The girl was a little shy at first, but then she undressed and let herself be fucked. The dude was happy with the new sensations. He got everything he wanted from her. The girl has many more talents that she is ready to show. Happy viewing!

Justice League - Who are slaves today

29 November 22

Sapphire is the translator of passionand who is more welcoming for passion than sexy redhead whom we all know as Hawkgirl? But why stop there since the whole Justice League is the bunch of sexy and beautiful men and women! So how do you think - will Sapphire be able to take the entire Justice League under her perverted control? The short answer - yes! For more kinky details read this parody comics.


29 November 22

Supervillian Vandal Savagehas lived a long life filled with battles so no wonder that it is him who was able to perform something unthinkable - he manageded to capture non other than famous superheroine Wonder Woman! And now he is going to to enjoy of his new trophy in his favorite dungeon in many different ways... Ofcourse the rescue will come but will it come in time?

SMP0.5 [Unini-gumi] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

29 November 22

Did you ever imagined such popular aniem hotties as Asuka Langley, Mistao Katsuragi or Rei Ayanami as your own personal sexy slavegirls? Well, this parody comics will definitely help you to make your dreams even more fun and more colorful because here you will see all these chicks in the position of a living fucktoy for an unknown stranger! Enjoy this and imagine more!


29 November 22

Hot and busty chicks are playinga beach volleyballinstead of haing a bonecrashing fighting tournament - this is the picture that any fan of "Dead or Alive" series knows. But this time the outcome of the game will be even more hardcore because during the game some of the gals will become incredibly horny and some richmen would gladly use this unexpected situation to have the funtime of their own...

The Damsel Who Failed to Become the Heavenly Bride II

30 November 22

Hot looking and quite curvy blonde Bianca Whitaker from "Dragon Quest" series is about to take part in one of the most perverted of her quest - she will have to become a sex slave for one ugly guy, then for another one and then for several of them at the very same time! Are you into fantasy gangbangs? Then this visit into the wolrd of "Dragon Quest" is going to be quite memorable!