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H-Sen 11

29 November 22

Three extra sexy hotties whose bodycurves are just begging to get out from their tight bikini swimsuits and whose wet fuckholes are craving for big and hard cocks to penetrate them are going to have some kinky funtime on the beach today... andofcourse you are welcomed to join themthanks to this hentai parody comics and no matter how big of a fan for anime series "Bleach" you actually are!


29 November 22

The story of "Fullmetal Alchemist" is quite great by itself but what if we will change the gender of main hero on the opposite one and instead of one tough guy looking for adventure he will become one really sweet looking gal? Well, in this case she will also become the main heroine of hentai parody comics - that is for sure! And yes, you already can read one of such parodies right here and now.

TECHNICAL S.S. 1 2nd Impression [System Speculation] [NGE]

29 November 22

Living together with a cute looking redhead whose perky tits make all of her clothes to look extra seducing have only one reasonable outcome - to have sex with her! And no matter for how long or how hard Shinji Ikari is going to fight this feeling it is still the law of the genre that even he won't be able to break... so Asuka Langley should better be ready for what is coming tonight!

Yuri and Friends Jenny Special

30 November 22

When hot looking chick can't get herself a partner she has two options to choose from - to masturbate alone or simply to go outside where she will find herself a partner in no time and with ease! Luckily enough the main heroine of this comics has picked the second optionand she made it even better - she brought some female domination and crossdressing cosplay elements into it!

Athena and Buddies

30 November 22

These anime cuties on the cover may look all shy and nerdy yet once you will start flipping the pages of this virtual comics you will soon realize what a sluts theyactually are! On the other sight this is exactly why we enjoy reading hentai parodies - in order to see familiar character from a completely unfamiliar side! And these characters from "King of fighters" series are not an exception.

[iYou (Mizuno Poppo)] Britannia Tenseki Isakai (Code Geass)

30 November 22

What you are going to find out from this parody comics is that even the ladies who look like the most modest andmost shy of all that the entire universe of "Code Geass" has to offer can completely loose their minds once they will see the proper cock! They want to touch it, they want to put it between their titsand they want to do a lot of other fun things so start reading already!

[Fetish (Apploute)] ray=out SeLeCTeD (Eureka Seven) [English]

1 December 22

Between their exicting adventures Eureka and her friends are spending a lot of time travelling inside their huge jet and ofcourse they have to find a way to spend this time somehow. Some of the characters are trying to have sex and clearly sooner or later this idea will visit Eureka's head as well yet if she will do that she wants to do it with Renton. Will Renton answer her strange request?

Lostbelt in Mash (Fate/Grand Order) [English] [Digital]

1 December 22

Cute looking anime chick and muslced dude are the main characters of this story yet as you will see soon enough they will make great and by all means exciting duo! The thing is this girl is busty and curvy where it is needed yet at the very same time she is quite shy while the guy turns out to be a fan of many unusual thingswhen it comes to having sex like foot fetish for example!

Aang x Toph

1 December 22

Probably Aang wantet do have his first time with Katara but looks like it is going to happen with Toph which is probably going to add even more shyness into his further actions. As for Toph then despite her small tits she seems to be more confident and experienced with rock hard objects (he-he) so you can say that Aang is actually in a good hands (and other bodyparts) this time...