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(C67) [YOKOSHIMAYA. (Yokoshima Takemaru)] LOVE LOVE CASTER (Fate/stay night) [English]

30 November 22

(C67) [YOKOSHIMAYA. (Yokoshima Takemaru)] LOVE LOVE CASTER (Fate/stay night) [English] blowjob masturbation glasses english translated elf fate stay night caster | medea tsukihime satsuki yumizuka shiki tohno souichirou kuzuki yokoshimaya yokoshima takemaru Fate Stay night

A Magician in Love

1 December 22

The story follows a young sorceress who started taking dance lessons. The instructor teaches the girl how to move, and then examines her. His mind is full of filthy thoughts. The man tells the girl to be completely naked. He then walks up to her and begins to massage her thigh muscles. He then gets the idea to get her fucked. He gets dressed and exposes his body to her. The girl is not interested in to see him. He keeps on pestering her even when she claims that she is in love with him. They start to kiss with passion and engage in sexual sexual sex.