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Avatar the Last Jizzbender

29 November 22

Be cautious when demonstrating your talents to the guests at the becah celebration. There is a good chance that they won't be amazed. There is a 100% possibility that you will be astonished if Katara the hot water mage is there! Also, you can expect to be able to see Aang as well as Toph, Suki, and Sokka.

Bending Break 2

29 November 22

Today, you'll be able to see how Avatar cartoon characters have wild sexual sex. Toph, Azula and other ladies will also be there. They've reached a point that they need a strong cock to ease their vaginal itching. Azula jumps on a large meat sausage, forgetting that she has to find Avatar Aang. Toph is the one who was who is supposed to teach Avatar Aang the art of earthbending is fond of to be sucked up by the devil. Enjoy.


29 November 22

Tonight Suki will be testing her new method for sexual seduction. Sokka is the winner, however Suki must first trim her thigh before she can enter his bedroom. There is wine tasting, and maybe some notes on foot fetish however it's more enjoyable to discover the entire details on your own. Enjoy!

The Last Jizzbender - Book Hard-core 2

29 November 22

Cartoon characters find themselves in a magical spot and all they have to do is enjoy themselves. What kind of fun can Aang and his pals enjoy with hentai comics parodies! They'll all have lots of fun! However, the plot for tonight's show is going to be different, so look out for to see some funky surprise...

[Okunev] Avatar the Last Airbender

29 November 22

Sokka is in the company of Kyoshi girls. Kyoshi girls. Wow. They're naked. Sokka swiftly transforms into his clothing without hesitation and the girls begin to notice him. Sokka lets his ladies have fun in his big dick as they kiss him. Then he starts to seduce the ladies and cums using their mouths. The group moves towards bacchanalia and group sexual sex. Everyone is happy with wild sex and laying on the couch. Take pleasure in watching.

[EmmaBrave] After Avatar (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

1 December 22

Aang's love affair with Katara the faithful companion is the subject of numerous fan-fictions. But only in the hentai comics can you witness the most memorable moments of their friendship! If you're interested in knowing more about the relationship, Katara isn't the only one Aang has.