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Jungle Soiree (Jungle de Ikou!) [Naruho-dou (Naruhodo)]

29 November 22

Even a simple day off at the beach will bring more and more of adventures for such guy as Naruto. And it all will begin with Lady Tsunade who has put on way smaller swimsuit than she probably should have according to the size of her delicious bodycurves. Will Naruto find the way to play some sexy trick on her or Sakura will kick his horny ass sooner? Read this comics to find out!

Switch of heart

29 November 22

A simple meeting in the street brings back the memoriesand here Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruna are falling into the trap oftheir romantic feelings once again. Yet this time they are acting in amuch more mature way - they will just fuck each other real good with no strings attached! So we guess that Sasuke has nothing to worry about (at least until he is not reading this comics)

At Home With Nii-san

29 November 22

Since Hinata lives in a ninja village it is quite obvious for her to have fighting lessons and trainings yet this cute looking girl is actually into another ways of solving the conflict - through kindness, through care... and through sex as the most effective one! And as for sexual trainingsthen she is paying much more attention to them than for any other trainings for sure!

Jungle party 2 (spain)

29 November 22

When having a day off at the becah Naruto Uzumaki never takes any balls with him because he has way better funbags to play with - the funbags that belongs to Lady Tsunadeofcourse! Yet today's beach party is going to be different because today Sakura will not only see what kind of fun they are having but she will also gladly join them! Full color. Sapnish language version.


29 November 22

Being a ninja means not only fighting but also a lot of studying and this rule works for the girls of Konoha village as well. Yet today they are planing to have a very special session at the classroom which they has named as "girls-only". If you think that they are going to have a lesbian party instead of lessons then you are right... yet they are still going to learn something new today - they are going to learn something about futanari!

Ninja Dependence Vol.Extra

29 November 22

Lets take some rest from the adventrues of Naruto, Sakura and Hinata and pay some attention to the things that are happening with the less popular characters of this anime and manga series... especially since the hot action that they are taking parts in is actually nonetheless intense and impressive than the fucking that the main characters of the series usually have! Ninja fucking is on!

Very first Time Soap Girl Hinata

29 November 22

Hinata and Naruto are relaxing in the spa. Hinata got wet and wanted to have sex. She starts massaging Naruto with her body and big boobs. She then sucks Naruto on his fat cock. Hinata then gets on top of him and rides him. Then she sits on top, and he holds her big boobs with his hands. After that, they switched places. At the end they fuck while sitting on the floor and cum. So let's start the fun right now.

Q.N.T.2 Goddess Ninja Tsunade 2 [MG WORKS] [Naruto]

29 November 22

Best milf and best boobs - these are the titles that lady Tsunade has earned quite easily yet nonetheless she is always ready to proove that she is definitely worth to have them! Tonightfew more guys are going to question her about that and tonight she will proove them that they are wrong by fucking all of them! Plus shorter stories about her stdunets Sakura and Temari as a bonus!

H-Sen vol.6.5

29 November 22

Sakura and Hinata. Sakura or Hinata? This is the question that bothers our guy Naruto quite a lot latelysince one of this hotties is going to beocme the first gal in his sexual life! And if you happen to be the fan of alternate pairing of Sakura-Naruto then you are going to enjoy this hentai parody comics for sure! Yet you will find some Hinata scenes in bonus pages though.

[Chanbara! (Kimuraya Idumi)] Outside Soushuuhen 01-10 (Various)

29 November 22

What we have here is a mix of short stories which combined by one simple idea - if you happen to end up in the right place and at the right time then you will get someone to fuck with! Each of these short stories will be played by various popular characters from various popular anime series but there will be a catch- all the texts and dialogs are in japanese language this time.

Starfire Gangbang

29 November 22

Just a few pages that will reveal the true slutty nature of Starfire - redhead cutie from "Teen Titans" team. There won't be even any texts and dialogs needed - just watch her getting stripped down by some unknown pervs and then they will fuck each and every of her fuckholes real good and rough with a massive bukkake cumshot scene as an appropriate rewardand a pefect conclusion!

The Alien [Wagner] (Spanish)

29 November 22

It is time to share some secrets between two girlfriends Raven and Starfire during which they are planning to reveal some of their fears and together to find the way to defeat them and by that to become an effective part of the TT team in the future encounters with enemies. But what if Raven's deepest fear is the fear of huge cocks? Well, with that problem Starfire can help her catually...

Comic-Toons - Nubile Titans

29 November 22

The things were going as usual inside the Titan Tower - everyone were fucking with everyone - when quite unexpected guest has appeared! This guest is no other than famous spygirl Kim Possible and even though she comes from a completely different cartoons universe she gets how the things are being done here in no time... and she gladly joins this heroic party ofcourse!

3 way

29 November 22

You won't find any texts or dialogs in this comics and barely there should be any - the story is simple and nothing will distract you from the exciting adventures of Raven, Starfire and Robin inside the Titans Tower at night. And what a bunch of young superheroes do at nights? They are fucking like rabbits in all possible waysofcourse! So who needs to read texts or dialogs?

Teenager Pipans

29 November 22

It all goes according to domino effect - once Starfire's boobs got bigger this made Robin's cock harder, wathcing them fucking has made Raven hornier, finding her in this state has brought the idea of having a threesome into heads of Cyborg and Beastboy at the very same time... Long story short- they all have fucked with each other and in this comics it is shown quite nicely!

The Blame Game

29 November 22

Looks like the recent misison was not a total success for the brave Teen Titans so there is going to be certain tensions at the Tower tonight. And while the guys prefer the loud arguing the gals will pick another way to resolve their issues. We are not completely sure how it it supposed to work though yet the fact that there will be a lot of spankinginvolved is definitely making it interesting...

Trigon Dark Desires

29 November 22

While Cyborg, Robin and Beastboy are busy with their new trainingsession the things way more exciting are going to happen all around - evil demon Trigon is going to destroy the team of Teen Titans by destroying their command spirititself! How? Well, he will make male members horny (even hornier than usual) and then send them to fuck Strafire, Raven and Terra! But will it be enough?

Raven Flash

29 November 22

Flash may consider himself the fastest man in the world yet there are moments when this title is far from being any compliment actually. In case if you still have not guessed what we are talking about then we are talking about having sex so the sooner Kid-Flash will learn to use his speedskills with the help of Raven the better lover he will become in the future events...

Barely EighTeen Titans - Lol JK

29 November 22

Beastboy always liked to fool aroundand in order for Raven to get back to reading her book she has to find a way to settle him down in the most fast and most effective manner. And what else this way can be other than making him horny and then fucking out all the juices from him? So we hope that you really enjoy all the moments when usually cold Raven reveals all of her sexual passion out!

Queen Of The Hive

29 November 22

Battling the enemise swith super powers is only the part of the problem - sometimes you have to fight for your place and respect in your own team! Yet on the other sight this battling could easily turn out to be even more exciting if your opponent will be a... a sexy looking futanari with nice tits and big cock! And this situation will be demonstrated by Jinx and Blackfire in the following hentai parody comics.

Teenie Titans

29 November 22

New addition to the Teen Titans team - cute looking blonde Terra - finds Beastboy's ability to change shape not only very entertaining but also very useful. Why is that? Because as you will see from this parody comics Terra's sexual interests are very and very specific and Beastboy is the only person who can fully satisfy them! Well, he will be trying really hard at least.