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Alice - Swelling Race

22 March 18

Yep, you have read it right -"eRection race" and not"eLection race"... but there will be an election theme involved as well since this is going to be a story about hot looking nymph who happened to be the assistant of the senator whose role will be done by the player ofcourse. Your big and most likely the most important political campaign in your life is getting into it's final phase but having such hot looking assistant creates ceratin distractions... unless you will satisfy your sexual wants and get back to work. But how long will you be ably to keep going tthis way? Will it stay unnoticed or will it affect your political future? Is it possible to get the best from both worlds - publuc and private - or it is nicer to focus your attention at only one of them? We don't have an reaction but we have few differnet endings and only your choices will define which one of them you will get!

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