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Amazon Island

26 March 18

The very first part of the trilogy of the game about the Amazon Island. Thus, the most important character of this interactive fucky-fucky flash game is a youthfull Spanish sailor. His ship sank and he miraculously survived. He ended up on the island. There are many interesting things on this island, and also the explorer moves from the coast to the center of the island. He decided to rest. Inappropriate, someone stuns the person and he loses consciousness. When the sailor opens his eyes, he sees that he is surrounded by a tribe of Amazons. They are all entirely naked. Their queen, a lovely and huge-boobed doll using bronze skin, offers to kill the man, but as shortly as the Amazons began to undress him, the queen changed her mind. Because a person has a thick and large penis. He will help the Amazons to sate their insatiable eagerness. They will fuck this dude repeatedly and give birth to new Amazons. Or maybe the sailor will become the king of the Amazons? Let's find it out at this time.

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