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BDSM Castle

3 July 18

In this interactive flash game you will find out the story that happened in sadism & masochism castle. Dude got there on a humid night to find shelter. But he is met by youthfull and chesty housewives. They give the right to choose to the dude - all the doors of the sadism & masochism lock are open. So going into the very first room the dude sees a gal who is tied with chains to the ceiling. A hatch is open below on the floor. Green tentacles open up out of it. Which rise higher and higher and begin to fuck the chick inside her labia and ass. What are these horrors. Dude runs out into the corridor and opens a different door. There he sees a satanic rite in which a chick is fucked in the ass with a huge dick. It's abominable. Explore all rooms to discover a way out.

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