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Candy Shop - Jawbreaker

7 June 18

Crazy scientists also have new delicious thing at their famous Candy Shop - this time you are welcomed to try"Jawbreaker"! If you played other game sof the series then you very likely still don't know what to expect from our main heroes team. In this vignette you will know about few dramatical moments of our favourite a small bit crazy and very buxomy physician (and even she had her assistan Tahl around her!). This memory will bring her the idea for her new project - the jawbreaker. How Andy supposed to examine this product? Well, he will get the way if he deosn't wish to use methodics that Tahl has because of him. As for the gameplay part - it is pretty familiar for many fans of teh series. Get involved in three testing session with new candy doll and find out new area of the story!

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