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Con Quest – Fuck Pokemon Cosplayer

20 July 18

"Con Quest" is fun and sexy escapade game for all who luvs pokemons and cosplay... and not separately but combined! Main events will likely be happeneing during annual cosplay convention dedicated to pokemons only. Our hero was planning to stop by this event but for several reasons got late... which really saved him from being posessed by an evil witch who for some reasons decided to make this convention the embarking point of her prospective worldwide dominance! But what she didn't knew is that you and your friend (or actually a girlfriend) are not some elementary mortals in partly stupid and partly sexy costumes but also representatives of an ancient company who keeps the world safe from evil magic! Now you want to explore the halls of convention center, find everyone who needs help and fight mind controlled cosplayers... and hevaily bruising their costume in teh process is obviously going to be a bonus for this endeavor!

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