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31 August 18

This game is about two hot chicks with truly big tits. Well, actually all you will be doing in this game is focused on their tits. As an example, you can make them even bigger! It is possible to touch them and cause them to bounce in your palms. Their big red puffies are seem to be very sensitive so you can play with them a little bit also. But most of the options will become available when you will decide to work with your big hard (and red!) Spear. Tease their boobs, fuck their boobs and do whatever you like till you decide to jizm all over them. Overall this game is pretty short and this can be some type of demo for more elaborate game from the exact authors called"The legend of zeal" which you might also find somewhere on our website among the othe rhentai games about big-chested bi-otches!

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