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Crossing bowls with sweet Jenny

29 May 18

The game of squirrels that are crossing is well understood all around the world and probably you've got playe d a duo different variants of this until... but hardly you had some chance to perform it with Jenny - our sexy looking blonde version! Along with her latest striptease photoset is what's going to become your prize if if you will flash a succesfull game tonight. Ofcoruse that you won't get the entire set away but you can recreate this image from picture when you'll be winning round after round. In terms of the principles of this game then they're more than old-school - all you need to do would be to figure under which cup that the coin has finished up when they have been blended and here you go - a more alluring photo of Jenny is right here for you to love! An ultimate test that you may accomplish using both your focus or your luck.

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