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Daughter's Penalty

17 April 18

This is a story about already growned up chick who live swith he rmom and step-father in a big palace. And this palace is so big that there is even a special room which is always locked and our heroine is prohibited to inject it at any circumstances. And ofcoruse the curiosity has got over the cautious and one day after her parents were away our chick has found the key and ultimately opened the secret door... but looks like she was looking fo rthat crucial for too long since her paremst has come back home sooner than she was expecting them to and now for violating the rules our heroine will soon be disciplined... and also this secret area for bdsm pleasure she has unlcoked will be a good location for it! Follow the elementary story and take part in iteractive hump scenes when needed to see how this story will end.

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