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Diva Mizuki Double

6 July 18

Busty ginger-haired Diva Mizuki loves to put on her quite unsheathing leather suit and to jump on her fast and fancy bike so she could ride it at the high speed through the highway... but looks like today the ride is going to end up sooner than she has planned becase she happended to find the nymph on the road who seems to be in trouble! Being a good person Diva Mizuki is taking this nymph (who has curves quite matching to Diva Mizuki's ones by the way) to her place and from now on there will be two sexy ladies in this crazy hentai adventure! Besides colorful artworks and animated scenes there will be some dialogs but since they are all going to be in japanese language they won't help you much to understand the story (unless you know the language ofcourse).

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