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Don't Stop

12 April 18

This short and jokey animations will be about something as titillating as humorous - very first dates! So we have ultra-cute sandy-haired chick who is growned up enough to commence meeting with boys. But as it always happen her mom has quite a lot of advices for her that instance. You know, the standard stuff - such as"don't let him to touch your fun bags on a very first date!" Or more like"don't let him do whatever else" and so on. But is our youthfull heroine is a good listener or she just cares for getting as much fun in life as possible? Actually this is something you will have to decide yourself after you will observe the story till the end. No gameplay in this one - the single act is available for you is to rplay the movie button in the end in case in case you indeed liked... or if you didn't get the joke from a very first time. Have fun!

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