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Fuck Town: Glamour Dream

17 June 18

After a hard day's work, the protagonist returned home. He took a shower and went to bed. You had a strange but interesting wish. You found yourself in some dark labyrinth with frightful monsters living in it. Your aim is to find your way out of this labyrinth and stay alive. Besides, you'll discover a weapon that will help you fight the monsters. And also the keys to open the locked doors. Sometimes you'll see big-chested gals - they're in captivity. You must release them. Then the ladies will have lovemaking with you as a reward for saving them. On the walls of the labyrinth you'll find many lecherous paintings with sweet beauties. Stop for a moment to enjoy these ladies. Be careful in your travels - in a labyrinth of many traps and dead completes. Use the map to navigate. So let's go on an adventure right now.

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