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Grand Pulverize Buttfuck

2 July 18

Do you think about trying your hand at becoming an associate of a local band of auto thieves. You've been a part of the gang to earn cash, but it's not so simple. First, you must go through the game's display. You'll see a variety of interactive locations. Simply click the map, and you'll be shown an overview of the city with several spots. You first go to the garage. You talk to a beautiful woman called Betty. Gangsters from another group are seen. Make use of your mouse and guns to eliminate them. Attend the club and create a cash-based transportation task. Utilize your mouse to prevent flashing to other cars and take the package to the location. You are currently able to contact the woman. Make a decision and she'll come back to your home. After that, you can slurp this beautiful woman in her pink cuntand an spherical body. After that, you'll go to your bed. The next day is about to come to an end, with exciting new adventures, and even danger. start the journey of a bully immediately.

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