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Hentai game featuring Shilleka from Etrian Odyssey.

15 April 21

Do you remember the tradesman in The Etranean Odyssey? The one who appears adorable when she speaks with a hefty accent? However, even if you don't think about her name, you'll have the chance to comprehend her better during this manga smut parody game which means you'll have a greater chance of retaining her name in your mind. In case you're wondering, her name is Shilleka. However, that's not the reason behind it. The essence of her purpose, you will be the only customer who will receive an exclusive package of services personal to her. These services will just take a many different adventures from the game that is on the rear of the stove due to the general excitement. We're talking about using a virtual orgy to get this hottie! Are you ready to tackle this dream?

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