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Holio U - Dark Witch

12 April 18

Do you perceive the notes of kinky magic in the air? May be it is because of new emo nymph who has recentely moved in into well known to you room sixty nine? Which means it is time to knock the door and your your charms to melt down her black heart. And if you indeed are going to do that then you could use such information as she is into matal music and vampires. That is besides her interest in black magic and emo things ofcourse. So keep it in your mind when you will be trying to make an impression on her by picking up the correct phrases. In case if she will let you into her room pay attention to the rules of minigames you are going to play here and if you will becomes succesfull in it as well then you are going to get your prize - hardcore bang-out with gothic ultra-cutie!

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