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Intercourse Kitten Hell

20 May 18

This is soemthing that you probably were expecting all the time you were playing these games as Slutty McSlut's boyfriend - this bitchy nekogirl has finally brought you to hell! The dilemma is that you can't get away from her requests no matter how reasonable or unreasonable they are and once you hav etried it one more time she has punched (or is that was a punch?) You gay-for-pay into coma or something like that - in other words your next journey is going to be through Hell... which means that here will be even more of crazy and perverted characters than usual and they still will be having all the useful items you need to get out from here. So try to correspond with them, complete their private quests or answer their quiz to get those items (and some of hentai content ofocurse)... if they won't finish you first.

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