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Intercourse Kitten TV Dinner

27 June 18

Your misadventures as Slutty McSlut's bf continue. Well, you may consider yourself as her bf but who know whom she is considering you today. But one thing is certain - she got into some idiotic issues again and you will have to do all the job of getting out. If you played prior vignettes of this anime porn game series then you most likely alreday know will you enjoy this or not. Just as before you will be running around the town and met with ultra-cute, sexy and sometimes creepy characters. They will give you some pursuit or ask you a quiz and you will get plenty of cool anime porn pictures as reard in case of success. Do anything wrong and it will cost you your health. Therefore the purpose is clear - to live long enough to see enough of anime porn... or may be even the end of this sport!

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