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3 May 21

An interesting game in the motif of Arabian Tales. The most important character wandered through the desert until he found an abandoned cave. In it, the hero found a magic lamp. In the evening, the hero decides to use it. He touched the lamp with his sleeve and a beautiful and big-chested woman appeared in a cloud of smoke. She is a fairy lamp fairy. She is ready to serve the proprietor of the lamp. The fairy also practices the art of sexual pleasure. The hero commences to fuck with a fairy. For starters, the woman gargles his fat cock. Then the hero fucks the woman in her tight and pink cooter. And after this comes the time of rectal penetration. The game has a lot of interactive fuck-a-thon scenes and to switch them use the control menu at the bottom of the game screen. Fuck the big-chested fairy again and again until you are sated. Do it right now.

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10 mìnûs (3 mùltìρly bÿ 10)   =

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