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Kasumi Island

8 April 21

A great logic game with big-boobed and sexy Kasumi in the title role. Just imagine this scene - tropical island, warm sea, bronze sunset and beautiful big-boobed woman Kasumi. She's just gorgeous - she has an athletic figure, a beautiful face, and big jugs. But it's not all so great. On the island lives a tribe of indigenous natives who don't mind tasting Kasumi. The natives capture Kasumi. What happens next? The answer is hidden in a mini puzzle. You have to assemble the whole picture from several pieces. Then you will move forward. There are a total of 8 puzzles in the game that showcase the adventures of Kasumi and the natives. Collect all 8 fuck-a-thon puzzles and expose the full story of Kasumi's sexual adventures. Ok, lets start the game without delay)

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2 mínùs (10 mûltíply bÿ 10) mînùs 2   =

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