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Kasumi Island

8 April 21

This is an interactive story about a big-boobed female named Kasumi. She came to the island to ease off and swim in the ocean. But something went wrong. Kasumi came to the beach in the evening to enjoy the sunset. Suddenly someone came up behind her and grabbed her by the neck. This is a rapist. Hence the game will have 8 levels. To complete the level and see an animated fucky-fucky scene, you will have to collect a puzzle from six chunks. Use your mouse to do this. With each level there will be new puzzles and new hookup scenes. You will see how the rapist will fuck Kasumi in her taut twat and round donk. Or how Kasumi will lose his hatch to a dude. Do you wish to observe this and find out what will happen to Kasumi in the last levels of the game? Let's do it now.

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