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Knarf's Quest

9 July 18

In this fun and sexy game you are going to play as Knarf - hairy dude who is running the blog about ravelling and hotels. For another vignette of his online showcase he is going to make his subscribers blessed by providing them with a lot of titillating photos that he is going to take at the hotel he is standing by right now. But that won't be an easy task since each unshaved woman in each photo is going to have to be different so Knarf (and you as the player ofcourse) will have to explore the whole building to find a lot of customers in the hallways and rooms and that is not alll - so as to get their sexy photos Knarf will have to fullfill their personal wishes which in the vedogame planet equals to perosnal quests. Will you help him to find sexy furrie spictur ecollection?

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