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Knarf's Quest

9 July 18

Knarf is the main character of thsi game and he is unshaved dude who runs a blog about tow of his fave things - travel and pornography. Ofcourse for this game he decided to combine these thems but looks like he would use some help from the player to bring this idea to lucky conlusion... Game begin at the lobby of some hotel and Knarf needs to do a collection of photos for his aficionados. Ofcourse for that he must not only find hot places and hot damsel but also to talk them into taking part in all this porn-travel blog theme. How he can do this? By find ing a special treatment to each damsel he will meet. Only get the quest and find the way to co,plete it by finding characters some special items and so on. Explore not only the new areas of the hotel but also those you have already visited before because the situations might change!

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