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Lois Griffin: Hookup Sim

7 April 21

If you find cartoon milfs like Lois Griffin sexy enough (or if you are only a phat devotee of"Family Guy" TV series) then you are going to like this game for sure since here you will get the rare opportunity to meet Lois in the bar and not only to make her a company but also to try to entice her! Are you ready to try your chances? Good! But be careful - Lois is already quite experinced woman so in case you will say or do somthing that she won't like your game will be over (literally over - you will see the game over screen and you will have to commence from the very beginning once again). On the other side having bang-out with such TV icon as Lois Griffin in her own mansion might be a great motivation for trying again and again until you will get what you want from this buxomy ginger-haired milf!

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