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Lois Griffin: Hookup Sim

7 April 21

If you ever wante dto get your chances with famous TV milf Lois Griffinthen tonight seems to be you finest opprtunity of everybody! Why? Because tonight Lois Griffin got a little bit tired of her family and decided to have a day off at the local club. Where she will certainly get toasted and become a number one target for a milf pickuper like you! And pickup skills is something you will truly need if you likely to get Lois in your sofa. Try to converse with her at the pub by choosing one of three pickup lines and don't think that Lois is just an ordinary superslut - if you will do or say something that she won't like the game for will be over! But if you think first-ever and say second you might have chance to trun this dating simulator into fuckfest simulator at some point...

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