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Mating with Emma

26 March 18

A young actress named Emma loves a beautiful life. But at 18, she was not yet with a man. The famous producer decided to give the female a gift and help fund her new film. But for this Emma has to fuck the producer. So Emma comes to the dude's palace. You have to help him strip and fuck sweet Emma. But the main task is to make Emma knocked up. So use your mouse to hit the female. Then Emma starts sucking a fat dick. The dude massages the female's fuckbox and squeezes the clitoris. Emma got moist. The dude starts fucking Emma with a big dick and the female screams in anguish and pleasure. Her fuckbox is very moist and moisture runs in rivulets onto the bed. Dude gives Emma pills to boost her sexual desire. And then he pours a bunch of sperm into her uterus. Emma is knocked up and mission accomplished.

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