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20 July 18

Welcome to the tavern, tired traveller and let Miaka - this cute looking bar maiden with cats ears. But looks like this is not the only strange thing in her... and definitely not the most exciting one! So say hello and try to generate an order. The word"Try" is use dbecause you will probably not get your drink no matter what dialog lines you will choose. But what you will get is a intercourse flash from first person perspective! You can simply observe Miaka masturbating or let her to take care of your pink cigar. You really should pay attention to customiztion menu in the right bottom corner of the screen. Here you will find over a dozen different options that you could choose - add or remove accessories, chnage Miaka's hairstyly or skin tone color or change the camera views!

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10 mìnús 3 mínùs (5 mûltíρly bÿ 4)   =

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