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Mizuki Shower

22 March 18

Busty sandy-haired Diva Mizuki is well know around her neighbourhood by the evident reason - she has the largest tits around! And no wonder that every time she goes to take the shower someone is always trying to sneak to the backyard and get his portion of erotic display by peeking through the window (which Mizuki is forgetting to close too often). Today is Baka's turn but looks like he is a beginner in such thing so you will have to help him to enjoy the moist curves of Diva Mizuki and at the same time not to get caught! Play this minigame and try to last as long as you can while loving the delicious booty and tits of Diva Mizuki together with Baka. The game itself is quite challenging and will require from you certain level of springs along with the sense of the right moment.

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